Sunday, December 30, 2007

How sweet it is

Christmas is over, but I still enjoyed Candy Addict's Top 15 Candy Gift Ideas.

I couldn't disagree more on their #1 item, though. I saw these Vertigo pops at Fred Meyer on clearance for 25 cents each, so I bought some. The chocolate is second-class at best and I threw the pop part away. Candy Addict says "I can't imagine anyone not liking these." No need to imagine, I'm right here.

The KitKat iStick, however, a Japanese KitKat with a layer of fudge, sounds awesome. Japan has the wildest KitKats -- we had so much fun hunting them down when we were there.

Sue, check it out, Strawberry Three Musketeers! The Mint was interesting, wonder how this one would be? Also, how come I've never seen this mix of Three Musketeer minis, in French Vanilla and Mocha Cappuccino?

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Brian Pipa said...

Just FYI - Vertigo was not our #1 pick. The list was in the order that we reviewed them.