Sunday, December 02, 2007

Our team is injurious?

The Pioneer Press' Bulletin Board prints the lyrics to the hilarious St. Olaf College fight song. It's the only college fight song in waltz meter! I love how it calls out Carleton College, a neighboring school full of smarties, in its lyrics.

A friend of mine went to St. Olaf for a while. I remember she lived in a coed dorm, and the women were on the top floors, men on the bottom floors, and their shirts read "Melby Hall: Where the women sleep on top." Which was quite shocking to me at the time, and would not have passed muster at my Catholic college. Ah, those Lutherans were so wild.


Emily said...

Have you heard the alternative lyrics to the St. Olaf fight song, though? As a proud Cobber (who are in a thrilling music department rivalry with Olaf), I am pleased to present them.

We come from St. Olaf
We wear cashmere sweaters
We live on the hill to be closer to God
We don't smoke, we don't drink
(At least that's what they think)
And between the sheets we go um-ya-ya-ya!

Um-ya-ya, um-ya-ya,
Um-ya-ya, um-ya-ya,
Um-ya-ya, um-ya-ya,

Alicia said...

Oh my god, as soon as you mentioned "song" and "St. Olaf" in the same sentence, I thought of my college choir director, who went to St. Olaf and used to sing that song all the time. Uff-da.

girard31 said...

While the St. Olaf song made me laugh out loud, the obituary two stories down made me bawl like a little baby. It redefines what wealth is.