Sunday, December 16, 2007

Run for the roses

Dan Fogelberg is dead, of prostate cancer, at just 56.

I saw him perform live in St. Paul, outdoors, with my high school boyfriend and his mom, who cried at one of the songs. And the crowd went wild when he sang "Leader of the Band" and got to the line about how "one went to Chicago/and the other to ST. PAUL."

I know many people considered him a sapmaster, but what can I say, I have a sappy side.

When I told Rob that Fogelberg had died, he said "Oh. The male Anne Murray."


kitty said...

I loved DF and will miss him tons. For all the sentiment in some of his lyrics, his musical composition and construction were solid, unusual and frankly gorgeous. They still hold up. You can hear the Grieg, you can hear the Beethoven, you can hear the Lennon-McCartney as influences.

And the orchestration for "Nether Lands" still sends shivers up my spine.


Jennifer said...

The male Anne Murray? That's not fair!

shoppista said...

:( RIP, Dan Fogelberg. Leader Of The Band is, like, the one song guaranteed to make me tear up a little if I'm driving by myself and it comes on.