Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tis the season for bad Nativity scenes

Tis the season for bad Nativity scenes.

Don't miss the update for 2007. My favorite is the Leprechauns in the Manger, with the comment: "King Herod’s always after me lucky charms!"


leslie said...

My co-workers had to come see why I was sitting in here alone and laughing myself silly. What's up with the leprechauns and depressed animals?!
Actually my absolute favorite thing on that site was the Last Supper floaty pen. "Bread goes up. Bread goes down. Bread goes up."

Florinda said...

A friend of mine - a seminary student (!) - e-mailed me that link last week. It cracks me up every day. The leprechauns have been my favorites so far too.