Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bubble up

I admit to somewhat of an addiction to Blow Pops -- candy with a gum surprise inside! what's not to love? -- but I usually only indulge at Halloween, since I often buy a bag of them for trick-or-treaters.

I have yet to see these mini-Blow Pops, but they do look cool.


Suz said...

I was addicted to Blow-Pops in college. My favorite flavor was the "blue rasberry" because it gave you a Smurf tongue.

Anonymous said...

Had my first at Burning Man last year. I was really high and it was the middle of a windstorm.

Patty said...

My sister had some of these and gave me one. The amount of gum inside is like a Tiny Chicklet's worth, but I still liked it.