Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cereal Treat Wars

I'm a big fan of marshmallow treats made with various cereals -- sure, they're complete junk food, but they're also delish.

Cakespy decided to make a bunch of cereal treats for a New Year's Eve party and see which one was best received. They used some wacked-out choices, too -- in addition to the standard Rice Krispies, they tried Corn Pops, Froot Loops, Raisin Bran, Shredded Mini Wheat (!), Frosted Flakes, and Special K. Surprisingly, people loved the Corn Pops!

Note that they are not big cereal eaters, so somehow managed to produce treats using only those tiny single-serving boxes that come in a variety pack. I am more of a cereal fan, and I bet I could throw a party using just the half-full regular-size boxes of cereal in my pantry and make a fun mix.

(Via the wonderful Not Martha.)


halo969 said...

I've always liked using fruity pebbles and cocoa pebbles as an alternative to the rice krispies.

Ginger said...

Cinnamon Toast Crunch makes great cereal bars.

Cakespy said...

Gael, not sure what the etiquette is about posting a comment on something about your own site, but I wanted to say that you rule--thanks for finding our cereal treat post! Of course, RE: Corn pops, now the big question in my mind is why do they have a foil bag where the rest of the cereals have plastic ones? Maybe that's the secret reason people loved those ones, the faintly metallic tinge?

Anne said...

My daughter has used Kashi cereal for a faux healthy bar--it is good!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is a "s'mores" bar: golden grahams, coco puffs, mini chocolate chips and marshmallows! We've lovingly renamed it "Yom Yom", though, because that's what you say when you eat it!