Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Comic comedy

Oh, the Comics Curmudgeon was in fine form today.

I about spit at the line about Gil Thorp: "Don’t worry, by the time the playdowns roll around, he’ll have retreated to the bleachers, more than willing to let some hobo offer incomprehensible advice about pick and rolls or whatever."

And since my policy on everyone giving their kid a last name for a first name is well-documented (and yes, I know "Kelly" is the second most popular last name in Ireland), I also hooted at the comic where the couple has narrowed their baby-name choice down to "Riley, Addison or Chase." Also Cooper! And Kennedy! And Mackenzie! And every other last name in the phone book!

And moving on to "Shoe," I also have no clue what "Charlie Crone Day" is.

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