Thursday, January 31, 2008


Fans of "For Better or For Worse" are convinced that Lynn Johnston is selectively flashing back to strips about what a jerk John Patterson is, as a way to jab at Johnston's real life husband, who left her.

I wouldn't believe it, except for this week's strips have been hella egregious.

I also love this comment from The FOOBiverse:

"I can understand why John might be upset, and wondering what Elly does with her time. I mean, clearly, she spent no time on dinner. What is that? Everyone has plates of creamed corn, and a slice of white bread to put the creamed corn (on)? ... I just don't understand why food always looks so gross and lumpy in the comics. I'm not a great artist, but it doesn't take me any extra time to draw that, you know, looks like food, not mashed potatoes."

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Leslie said...

I think egregious is an understatement, but I have to admit I love the "What do you DO all day?" strip. My husband gets home three and a half hours after I do because of his commute and in that time I take the kids to all their extra curricular activities, keep the house clean, cook dinner, do homework help, and lots of other domestic blah blah blah. But, in his words, "At least I don't have to commute!"
Yes dear, at least I don't have three hours of me time alone in my car with beautiful scenery...wanna trade?