Thursday, January 24, 2008

Monster mash

So Rob stayed with Kelly today while I went to see "Cloverfield" by myself. I know some people would never dream of going to a movie alone, but...empty theater? Empty parking lot? Raisinets you don't have to share with anyone? Not a bad deal!

I won't offer up any spoilers except to say that I really liked the movie and it kind of creepily stuck with me afterwards -- the idea of crossing a battered city to get to the person you love hits home with me more now, since I know I would do that to get to Kelly (or Rob, but he isn't as helpless).

This is one of those movies that people will be discussing and dissecting eternally, much like "Lost," which is also from JJ Abrams. This Ask Metafilter thread has some good discussion (and tons o' spoilers) and this blog has some fun additional info.


govtdrone said...

You didn't get motion sickness? I have a friend who went with his girlfriend and even though she took 2 dramimines she still threw up. Also, he said that when the lights went up he noticed the cleaning crew was standing by the entrance to the theater with their buckets and mops ready to clean up.

gnomeloaf said...'s Cloverfield tagged posts have also been pretty good -- I'm liking that blog in general, honestly.

Sara said...

Try taking Kelly with you! All the flashing lights and sound will put her right to sleep. Sounds unlikely, but it works.

Gael said...

Have never understood the people who get sick to the point of vomiting by this kind of thing. They must be uber-sensitive, it seems. Although "Sin City" at the Cinerama did give me a headache.

Gael said...

I dunno, I don't think Kelly is going to see a movie in the theater until she's old enough to appreciate it. I know I would freak out if I saw someone with a baby at a movie, much less a violent one.

Leslie said...

I've been avoiding Cloverfield just because Blair Witch made me uber-nauseous (and not from the badness either). I'll probably watch it on the small screen where the affects are much less harsh from my experience.
If I want to urp at the movies, I'll go see the remake of One Missed Call again...bleah!

NYCGirl said...

I am not generally into that type of movie, but since a number of the creative forces behind my beloved LOST were involved in it, I thought I'd give it a shot.

It was okay. (And just a bit quease-inducing. :))