Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome, 2008

2007 was one heckuva emotional year.

My best friend Lisa, married her beloved Frank in January, on a chilly Washington DC day admidst snowflakes and red roses.

In February, my dad took a bad fall down the stairs along with the bookcase he was moving, leading to months in the hospital and care center.

In March (or maybe late February), we found out we were expecting Miss Kelly, though we didn't yet know who she was.

Also in the early part of the year, my good pal Brian and I started trying to find an agent for a pop-culture book project we conceived. So far it's gone nowhere, but I still think it's a saleable concept and would be well-received.

In July, I headed to Beverly Hills for two weeks for my second TV Critics' Association summer press tour. My friend Sue met me partway through, and we explored 90210, including its nearby cemetery of the stars. Rob came on at the end, and we visited his family in LA -- our last baby-free visit to them.

In August, my friends and family gave me a baby shower back in Minnesota. My poor sister later had to send about eight giant boxes of presents on to Seattle for me. Kelly was very well showered.

In late September, I was told to stop going to work and stay home resting until Kelly arrived (at this point, her due date was November).

In October, two and a half weeks early, Miss Kelly arrived, healthy and happy and cute as a bug. And from then on, everything has wrapped around her.

In December, I celebrated turning 40 with my now-annual cookie-swap party. It was the perfect party for me, and Kelly the perfect present.

And now we are three.


Anonymous said...

She really is just a doll-baby! You will have such a good time in ways you never anticipated!

pdpannagrl said...

Thank heaven for babies and cookies!!! Hope that 08 is less emotional and more funny!

Kim said...

I love, love, love that picture! I think Kelly has the right general attitude for approaching 2008; I'm going to attempt to emulate it myself: a cheerful ptui. Happy New Year to you all!

Jenny said...

Hey - congrats! Just randomly wondered what you were up to so I looked up your blog and ... wow! Kelly is a cutie pie.

your long lost carpool buddy from the hood once upon a time -


Teresa said...

Awwwww! That's CUTE!