Thursday, February 14, 2008

Go! Gorilla! Go, go, gorilla!

Gorilla Milk ad, from the super-cool Flickr group run by the guys behind Krazy Kids Food (check out this book if you have any love for retro ads ... so awesome)

Also, Drink Aid (Ape Grape! Rhino Raspberry!) looks like a lesser-known version of Funny Face drink mix (from Minnesota's own Pillsbury).

And don't forget Nestle's drink-mix foray, Keen Chiller. Which I guess is supposed to be scary, but I would not have guessed that if not for the stereotypical Halloweeny monster font.

It's funny, we were just talking about how rarely we drank soft drinks as kids. Even on that occasional visit to McDonald's we had to have their "orange drink," which apparently was supposed to be better for you (did it contain orange juice? I dunno...). So in a world in which soft drinks were not everywhere, especially for kids, these powder mixes flourished.

Just another tiny sign of a time gone by.

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Adrienne said...

Hey Gael, how mother and I were just having the same conversation at McDonald's last week, as we watched my 12-year-old help himself to a giant Coke at the self-serve fountain. She said that she couldn't remember any of her four children having a problem controlling their intake of soda pop. I reminded her that at McDonald's - just like you - our beverage choice was either the really weak orange drink or white milk. At home, we stored our soda pop in the basement and were allowed to drink a nice, cold 16 oz. bottle on special occasions, company or popcorn. All other times the choices were water, juice or milk. And we turned out just fine!