Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Archie Andrews, Archie Andrews, wherefore art thou, Archie Andrews?

I love this: Poetry sent in by readers of Archie comics in the 1960s.

Don't miss the first one, where the writer chastises a boy for having long hair, questions his gender, and tells him to get a haircut. GASP! Outta the car, long hair! Seems that not all kids in the era of love and peace were very live-and-let-live.

Also, some of these kids weren't even trying. This doesn't rhyme!

"Then comes Reggie, himself he admires,
He plays dirty tricks and is the king of the admirers."

What?? End one line with "admires" and one with "admirers"? Did you get torn away from your masterpiece because your mom was calling you?

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