Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little house, big heart

The woman who refused to sell her Ballard (my Seattle neighborhood) home so they could build a health club and a Trader Joe's on the spot has beaten the developers.

Not only did she never sell, she died in her home, just as she wanted. And she never saw the gym/TJ's open, though it must have been somewhat hellish to live through that construction noise.

I'd like to have gotten a chance to see that neighborhood as she must have still seen it in her head, all picket-fence-lined cottages and Scandinavian families. All those families grew up and moved on, leaving only her. I think of my childhood neighborhood and what it would be like if all those homes, where we played and danced and trick-or-treated, were gone, and I'm secretly glad she held out.

Admittedly, Rob and I are excited to have a Trader Joe's close to our house (and we'll consider the new gym, too), but you gotta admire this woman. Rest in peace, Mrs. Macefield.

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Toby said...

I guess I watched too many Quinn Martin productions growing up. First thing I thought of when I read this was that the developers had her bumped off!