Monday, June 02, 2008

Teen Time

How did I miss this last summer? Kirk at Secret Fun Blog bought perhaps the worst teen-themed board game ever, and wrote a photo-filled entry about it.

I am a person who loved to play "Mystery Date," and yet I think this game would bore me so much I would be unable to finish one round.

Check the cheesy clip's like the MST3K episode where, at the end of the movie, they just start listing the evidence that the movie makers JUST DIDN'T CARE. ("The Eye Creatures have ZIPPERS up their backs...the movie-makers JUST DIDN'T CARE!") And the fact that the game's equivalent of jail = "the video store" is as mystifying as it is ridiculous.

I love this line from Kirk, explaining the grammatically problematic cards that come with the game: "Perfectly mirroring real-life adolescence, the Teen-Time experience is wrought with twists and turns. Just about the time you take 4 points the girl lose 1 turn and next thing you know girl break up. Story of my life."

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Mike said...

I can't believe that game was real. I remember that bit on MST3K. Wasn't there a guy wearing a watch in medieval times? Or an airplane in the background?