Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Then, try to bust your opponent's balls..."

So awesome: This 1975 Mego marble-snapping game is called "Ball Buster."

I am unsure about whether this was a real game and real ad, or an SNL skit or something. Because there's background laughter, but maybe the ad was taped for YouTube off some show and the audience was laughing? It sure seems real.

In the end, Ye Olde Seventies husband actually calls his wife a "ball-buster," and she turns around and winks at the camera. So if it was real, the company was totally in on the ribaldry of the name. And if it was fake...well, it's not quite funny enough to be fake, is it?


Shannon said...

This is real alright! Just Wiki-ed it. Mego was the company that initially put out the Star Wars figurines before they went bust. I think everything Mego related is now highly collectible. They had a sense of humor, hence this commercial.

Jeff Sparkman said...

I love this commercial with the fire of a billion suns.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's real, alright.

When first I saw it on a kiddie show I grabbed my cassette tape recorder and I audio taped (most of) it many years ago.

I suspect the product was not real, but I wasn't going to ask my mother to get me one in order to find out!