Monday, June 30, 2008

This is the true story

Is anyone at all watching "Real World: Hollywood"?

I mean, I was the biggest fan of that show for years after it had any redeeming qualities at all, and I haven't even thought about watching this season. Or even, to be honest, remembered that there was a season.


Jennifer said...

I caught a bit of it at the gym the other night. They apparently already lost two cast members.

I do have to say that them having an improv troupe called WTF certainly got my attention. But I like improv, so I think that's cool.

Other than that, same old shit, really.

Sarah D. Bunting said...

[raises hand while cringing]

Kristi said...

I quit watching when Kim quit recapping it over at Television Without Pity.

Bing said...

It's awful, but it's also On Demand, so...maybe I've been known to waste a Saturday morning on it.