Friday, July 25, 2008

On ice

I'm fascinated with these retro pineapple treats. They look brownie-size, but the box says to freeze them in ice-cube trays, so they must be kinda tiny.


wilsoner said...

Maybe they mean those old-school ice cube trays where the metal grid thing comes out.

Jennie said...

I wonder if they meant the old aluminum ice trays with the inserts that came completely out? Then you'd be freezing a big long rectangle instead of little cubes?
Ugh. I hate showing my age sometimes! :)

Speedy Marie said...

I think "ice cube trays" means the old school ones with separate dividers that you can put in or take out, depending on whether or not you are making ice cubes or some kind of delicious freezer treat.

I have lots of old Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks that call for things to be frozen in ice cube trays, sans dividers.

cpeep said...

I think it means one of those aluminum ice cube trays, with the divider taken out.

Like these: