Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Saint Kelly?

Miss Kelly was baptized this weekend. Neither her first name nor her middle name ("Lake") are saints' names, but apparently that doesn't matter now. (Didn't matter when I was born, either, as there's no "Saint Gael.")

According to this really thorough saint index, there may be no Saint Kelly, but there are a lot of other saints I never heard of. Is your name on there?

I went to Catholic school, and for one assignment, we all had to research and write about our patron saint. Since there was no Saint Gael, the teacher just told me to pick a saint whose name started with G. I picked Saint Giles. My middle name, Lee, isn't on here either, but there is a very interesting Saint Lea. And since my middle name derived from the nickname of my mom's good friend, Rosalie, I guess I can claim the cave-dwelling, flesh-mortifying St. Rosalia.


sdpfeiffy said...

Did you take a saint's name at confirmation though? As a converted RC I've always been jealous that I wasn't required/allowed to take a saint's name.

Alice said...

I never knew there was a Saint Alice!

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

sdpfeiffy, as another converted Catholic, I know that you absoluteyl should've had the option to choose a saint name for confirmation. It's never required- I know lots of cradle Catholics who didn't bother, but it's always an option. I chose not to do it because I couldn't settle on one, but I was one of the few in my group that didn't.

Maria/Vanillabean said...

As Maria Christine, I was pretty well covered. Of course, that was the last time my parents ever took me to church, so I doubt it really mattered.