Monday, July 14, 2008

Something borrowed, something bitchy

Yes, I admit, I watch "Bridezillas," and I've long thought the couples were faking their zilla-ness for the cameras. But no one has been more of a fake than the recent bride, Lisa Coppola, a wannabe actress who obviously thought she would earn acting jobs by going just completely over-the-top...shredding a veil, smashing cake into her father's face when he dared bring a birthday cake to her rehearsal dinner, insisting her fiance (who is also her ex-husband) pay $9000 per person for airfare so she could fly first class to Bora Bora, etc. So, so fake.

And now the restaurant owner where she had her rehearsal dinner is spilling the beans...her bridezilla-ness was planned and fake as her boobs. Note the WE network editor's note at the top denying the fakery. Riiiiiight.

Update: WE apparently yanked the post, but essentially, the poster said he owned the restaurant where Lisa and Andrew had their rehearsal dinner, and he gave them a deal in order to have his place shown on TV. (He was upset that the name of the place was only flashed briefly.) He also said that producers came in and told him the bride was going to be smashing cake in someone's face (her dad's) and where would be the best place to not make a mess...the poster wisely pointed out that if they knew she was going to do it, it was obviously scripted.

He went on to say it was the groom, not the bride, who was the real Zilla, and said that he saw the bride and her maids "rehearsing" the whole scene where she told them to stuff their bras...said Lisa couldn't get through it without laughing.

Reality TV, whee!


Deanna said...

Dang it! WE's removed the article!

Heidi said...

Darn! They took it down!

astruc said...

It's getting ugly over there. Someone keeps posting the Coppola's telephone number.

Anonymous said...

My fiance and I have been watching this season together. We called out Lisa's shenanigans in her first episode. She's a horrible actress, and it was obvious that it was completely rehearsed.

Bridezillas isn't Emmy Award television, but shame on WE for playing along with this phony.

Jobetta said...

I caught this episode last night and was amazed at how horrible of an actress this woman was. The scene where she tells the fiance that the expensive platinum ring looks like it came from a Cracker Jacks box was ridiculous.

I'm going to be my best friend's maid of honor in about three weeks and I called her this morning to tell her about that episode and informed her that I will not be stuffing my bra for her.

Her finance overheard and said "Tell Jo that if she does stuff not to use water balloons."

Worse than Lisa (whether it's real or not) was the other chick who insisted that her mom dye her hair because "It's my wedding and I want you to match everyone else."

Anonymous said...

Did you read the stuff online about Lisa and Andrew's "Wellness" business?

They offer to "coach" people interested in working for themselves and achieving their goals.

Frankly, I wouldn't want advice from either of them. I found them to be rude, horrible people.

Scripted or not, they define the term "Ugly American".

Anonymous said...

bridezillas is ALL scripted - of course Lisa wasnt able to act as well as some of the others and her coached behavior was obvious -it is SCRIPTED because they want ratings - noone wants to watch a boring show - its amusing but it isnt real

Kim Carney said...

I hope it isn't scripted! I sit in giddy anticipation of the next crazy thing the bride is going to do or say.

I probably missed that one ... too much work and too much "patio laying" ;)

Tammie said...

I am so tempted to fill out the form on Lisa & Andrew's homepage for them to contact me with more (multi-level marketing I'm sure) info on how I can spend moe time with my family, traveling & working from home - it's what they attribute the passion in their 10 YEAR marriage to; no mention of a divorce or remarriage. However, I am reluctant to give those wack jobs my name, much less contact info!