Monday, August 18, 2008


I have not been intentionally ignoring the "For Better or For Worse" wedding -- have just been too busy to blog it.

But also, yuck. They better not kill off Grandpa Jim just to coincide with the vows or something (to be the "for worse" to the wedding's "for better.")

Also, despite my wildest dreams, I guess Constable Wright isn't going to show up and speak now rather than forever hold his peace. (Or THERESE. Wouldn't THAT be a plot-stopper?)

And did you all see this? I don't quite get it, but it looks like Lynn Johnston is going to start the strip over, retelling and "improving" as she goes along. She admits her reasoning is tied in to her husband leaving her...she had planned to be relaxing in retirement with him, but since that's not going to happen, is diving back into her strip. Or something like that.


Shannon said...

My theory is that Lizard is going to find out that Grandpa's in the hospital and move the entire wedding to his bedside. I think that's what all of the wedding fuss plotline is leading up to. He'll then take his final breath as they say, "I do." Bets, anyone?

Anonymous said...

My money's on Jim croaking at "until death do you part."

Anonymous said...

I have no idea but I am getting sick of LJ always throwing a wrench into Liz's attempts at happiness -the boyfriends cheating on her, the ones who want to come back just as soon as she starts anew w/ Anthony, etc... and now w/ Grandpa Jim

Anonymous said...

Well, now Lizardbreath is finally Mrs. Anthony but she just found out about G-pa Jim, and forget the reception... she's heading rt to the hospital!

jam said...

And now Liz in the hospital and she still has her veil on and everything.