Saturday, August 09, 2008


Forbes lists America's hardest-drinking cities. I'm kind of shocked that Seattle is so high on the list (#8), because it seems more like a yuppified wine-sipping land rather than a pounding the brews town. But there are a lot of young people, and young people like to imbibe, or so I'm told.

But the #1 city (click to see what it is) is kind of a shock to me. I love that town, but beating out Chicago and Milwaukee? The fix is in! Also, where's New York?



Anonymous said...

Where is Peoria on the Forbes list? Obviously,they have forgotten the one-time distilling capital of the world and our crazy vaudeville reputation. If only the Pabst plant hadn't closed in the early 80's. People are still "Playing in Peoria!" just not drinking as much I guess.

Seriously, I enjoy your blog and all of the great links.

Anonymous said...

What about Las Vegas? Maybe the residents aren't drinking there only the tourists?