Monday, September 08, 2008

Chunky! The candy bar that makes you Chunky!

You know, I love chocolate, and I love raisins (sorry, Todd) and I love chocolate-covered raisins, and I love the raisin -studded Chunky candy bar, reviewed here on Candy Addict as a "retro candy."

But I have to wonder...what were they thinking with the name? Chunky? It's like naming your sub shop Blimpie.

Anyway, the good folks at Candy Addict feel sorry for the sadly ignored Chunky, sitting there in its weird shape and its olde timey silver wrapper, always available at 7-Eleven or Walgreen's but never hanging out in the prime spot in your office vending machine. It's the name, I'm tellin' ya, the name.

Also possibly the raisins.


Mike said...

I didn't think Chunky was still around. Yeah, in these times a name like that won't help sales. But, it is easier to say than; chocolate-cube-covered-raisin-thing. :)

Baz Anderson said...

Think about this: Zero. Now that was a sad candy bar. I had one years ago. It was the "Cindy Crawfor's Movie Career" of candy bars. Kind of underwhelming.

Deanna said...

One of the best episodes of "Frasier" contains a scene where Martin goes nuts when his Chunky bar won't drop out of the vending machine.

Beth H said...

I often feel like the last Chunky eater in America. It is my favorite candy, uh, square. It makes no sense as, outside of Chunkies, I don't care for either raisins or peanuts but the combo gets me.

Even worse than the limited Chunky availability in vending machines and corner stores is the sense that every time you do find one that it has been sitting on the shelf forever.

The best is the Giant Chunky - 4 Chunkies in 1!

CGHill said...

And suddenly the ancient TV spot comes raring back: "Open wide for Chunky!"

Anonymous said...

FYI - Walgreens has Chunky bars on sale 2 for a buck with a coupon. I love Chunky bars.