Monday, September 01, 2008


I'm sorry that I was out of town when FBOFW finally creaked to its ending, with Anthony and Liz rushing to Grandpa Jim's hospital bed, and then the Sunday strip telling us what happened to everyone.

I'm kinda grossed out by the fact that Anthony and Liz spawned...I bet Francoise became the unloved stepchild after that.

I'm REALLY disgusted by the idea that Mike published four books and then moved into film. Oh yes, the Sheila novel was just begging to be made into a blockbuster. Talent like that cannot be denied.

Deanna began a sewing school? Other than seeing her help Liz with her wedding gown, was any kind of sewing talent or interest ever discussed in the strip before? Well, considering she was a pretty sucky pharmacist based solely on her own birth-control misadventures, it's probably for the best that she's not handling people's medications any more.

And like most other readers, I'm kind of shocked that Lynn Johnston let April move all the way to Calgary when her whole strip's point seemed to be that you should buy your parents' house and marry your grade-school sweetheart.

This parody strip came up with an entirely different (and funny!) ending for the strip.

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Baz Anderson said...

Having not followed the strip, it odd to watch it "end". It's one of those strips you see in the color sunday comic section and you don't read it, but you get use to it's block of colors and logo on the one section of the page. My eye will definitly notice the change.