Friday, September 05, 2008

Just for the taste of iiiiiiiit

Man, how is it that old commercial jingles sometimes stick in my head for a quarter of a century, but I can't remember the plot of a book I read last year?

The very first Diet Coke jingle has been bumping around my brain lately. This was from 1983, when diet pop was still suspicious. (Fresca and Tab, much as I like them, distinctly have a "diet" chemically taste that Diet Coke managed to eliminate.)

So when Diet Coke came out, rich daddy Coke went all out to introduce its new little cousin with this extravagant, celebrity-filled commercial and a damn catchy jingle. If you're old like me, you'll remember it: "Introducing Diet Coke! You're gonna drink it just for the taste of it! Diet Coke, yeah, Diet Coke! This is the one from Coca-Cola!" (As if a Pepsi product would dub itself Diet Coke.)

Anyway, here's the jingle, and a little glimpse into what my brain has been humming lately, for NO APPARENT REASON.


That Guy said...

Ben Vereen killed my whole family.

Jennifer said...

I remember that one(guess I'm old too. The one my brain randomly starts humming is the old Tab jingle: "One calorie less than Tab is water! One calorie more than water is TAAAAB!"

I don't remember ever drinking Tab (I was too young to worry about calories yet) but that song seems to be stuck with me for life.

Anonymous said...

Ha, the "stars"!

Anonymous said...

You mean Diet Coke has only been around since the early eighties? I thought it had always been with us!

Miranda said...

Would you believe that song has been in my head lately too? :-)

Oh, and I love me some Diet Coke. :-)