Friday, September 05, 2008

Sad days for Swan

Remember Swan Brooner, the gorgeous little JonBenet lookalike who was featured in that much-talked-about "Living Dolls" TV special a few years back?

Many of us stood back and looked kind of aghast at her life in child beauty pageants, but Swan's life appears to have only gotten sadder since those days. Her mother, Robin, who was a major presence in "Living Dolls," died of a heart attack in 2003, when Swan was just 9. So Swan went to live with her father in Alaska, and if that wasn't enough of a change, he, too, died of cancer, leaving her an orphan. According to Wikipedia, she now lives with a sister.

No crowns can make up for those kind of losses.

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Anne said...

I hope both she and her sister are doing okay. Her sister was very nice with her in the film. That is very sad to hear. I don't know that a film like that was very good to make about a small child, but we were really rooting for Swan; the documentary and that subculture was disturbing.