Friday, January 16, 2009

Pop goes the Pop-Tart

Remember when there were only a few basic fruit-flavored Pop-Tarts, and maybe brown sugar-cinnamon? Remember when FROSTING on Pop-Tarts seemed decadent?

The flavors get crazier...and more like candy...every day. Banana Split and Orange Cream Pop Tarts? For me, there is such a thing as messing with a good thing. Chocolate Pop-Tarts make for a fine once-a-year treat. But don't go messing the chocolate up with sprinkles and fake banana flavor. And I can't even imagine an orange cream one tasting anything like something I'd want to consume.
Speaking of orange and cream--want to know the difference between a Creamsicle and a Dreamsicle? Cecil knows. (Do not even start with me, you people (Rob!) who call them "50-50 bars." FAIL!)

One of the commentors on Impulsive Buy makes a great proposal: "I think there should be a grudge match between Pop Tarts and Japanese KitKats to see which has released the most variations and who has released the weirdest flavors."

Bless you, Japan, and your KitKat craziness. Green tea remains the undisputed champion, though.


Mike said...

Those all sound disgusting. I, quite literally, grew up on chocolate fudge Pop-Tarts. I haven't had one in a long time; I hope they still make those.

Anonymous said...

I love creamsicles...I may buy those if I see them. They're probably good if refrigerated.

Anonymous said...

Not bad, but I wish they'd do some Mondrian pop tarts! Not only would they be magically delicous, but the right angles and colors of Mondrian's work would apply perfectly to the surface of a pop tart!

That and they'd probably taste a LOT better than orange cream. Yuck!


crazedc said...

I had a Cream Cicle flavored one today. It was better than I was expecting - it really tastes like a creamcicle! But I could get over the stomach-churning idea of the whole thing. I wrote a short review in my blog The Chow Board.