Friday, February 06, 2009

Baby Loves Disco

This sounds fun for when Kelly's a tad older: Baby Loves Disco is like...a music event for kids, with bubbles and music and babies (6 months to 7 years) dancing with their parents and friends.

Now, of course you can do this at home, but having a big space and a bunch of other kids to bounce off of is always fun. There's a Seattle location, we may need to look into it.


Brooke said...

We went to this in San Diego a few months ago and my daughter LOVED it! She just turned two last week, so you don't need to wait long to take Kelly. Seriously, it was awesome (they even provided free brow waxing...for the mamas, not the babies...).

Kristin said...

I took my son to one in Philly back in November (he was not quite 10 months old) and he had the best time. We are going again in March (he'll be 13 months old) and can't wait - especially now that he's walking and bouncing to music. It's a blast!

Katie said...

My kids (2 and 5) love this! The San Francisco one is awesome.