Saturday, February 21, 2009

Water on knee! Charley horse! Bread basket!

Remember how the game Operation taught you all these weird (and, as it turns out, mostly outdated and useless) "medical" terms? Bread basket! Water on knee! Charley horse!*

I wonder if kids play it today and it's all modernized up with Botox and nose jobs and the like?

Anyway, Matt at X-Entertainment found one of the weirdest product tie-ins ever...Operation fruit snacks.

As he notes: "Looking at the snacks, I realize that it’d take a psychotically advanced mind to connect Operation to them without the clues provided by the box and foily wrappers. There are frogs, birds, bells, dogs — all stuff that ties into the board game, but not in any remarkably iconic way. Really, it’s the sort of inane assortment you’d expect from a generic brand of fruit snacks found at the comically ethnic closeout store on the wrong side of the tracks."
*Charley horse is actually kinda useful, as I got those a lot when I was pregnant, although I usually just yelled "OW! LEG CRAMP!"


Brian B. said...

We stopped dead in our tracks when we noticed those fruit snacks at Target a few weeks ago. Of course we had to check to see if any of the snacks were body-part-shaped, like the sparerib or funny bone. We were disappointed, and moved on.

NYCGirl said...

Wow, those are cornl (my verification word). Seriously, though...what do ANY of those shapes have to do with Operation (unless they've introduced new maladies in the--gulp--twenty or so years since I last played it)?

Darryll said...

I don't remember the snacks at all. We never had the game or got to play it, but one of the favorite things for me and my brother to say to this day when we do something better than each other? "HA! HA! HA!"

Anonymous said...

I played Operation: Shreck the other day with my neice. It had funny medical terms like Onion Breath and Fairy Bites.