Saturday, March 07, 2009

Booking it

OK, I'd been semi-coveting the Amazon Kindle for some time, as I said.
Then the Kindle 2 came out and it still didn't have a backlight, so I resisted again.

I really just want to download books to my iPhone, I would say to anyone who would listen.

And then Amazon heard my request, and more! There's now a FREE iPhone Kindle app. You still have to pay for any books you buy (although you can often download a chapter for free, to see if you want the whole thing), but you can read them right on your phone, meaning I can read them in the dark, or at the dentist's office, or while rocking Kelly to sleep, or anywhere I have my phone handy. Bless you, Amazon.

I've already bought two books, plus one freebie. The freebie was "The Magnificent Ambersons," a classic favorite of mine. The two I paid for are "The Book of Dahlia," a novel about a young Jewish woman who's kind of living off her parents' generosity in Venice, Calif., and suddenly discovers she has cancer, and Laura Lippmann's "What the Dead Know," about a woman who suddenly claims she is one of two girls who disappeared years ago at a shopping mall.

It's scarily easy to buy and download books via the Kindle iPhone app. I'm going to need to remind myself not to go overboard...


arajane said...

I loved What the Dead Know. I read the paper version, though I'm sure it's still good in digital form.

stacybelford said...

What The Dead Know is wonderful.

The Sony EBook reader has an add on light that you can buy for it which is really cool. We have both a Kindle and a Sony but I haven't played much with either one.