Saturday, March 07, 2009

Goodbye, Martians

Damn, they canceled the one new show I occasionally enjoy..."Life on Mars." Thanks a lot, ABC. How am I going to get my fill of Michael "CHRI-TO-FUH" Imperili with that hilarious mustache now?

I do plan to watch the British original on DVD, plus their 1980s-set sequel/spinoff, "Ashes to Ashes."


Ann Williams said...

Love the BBC LIfe on Mars!!! Ashes to Ashes is good, but not quite as engaging. The Gene Hunt character steals the show in both. Great British television.

NYCGirl said...

I'm not devastated like I was when Pushing Daisies was cancelled (and yes, I'm still irritated about that), but I'm disappointed.

Darryll said...


I really like the Show! The '70s music, sets, clothes, culture, etc. is all portrayed SO WELL on the show. And the main story line is very intriguing! I’ll bet that those who cancelled it haven’t spent any time at all seeing the huge Blogs of faithful fans that are out there trying to figure it all out - much like we do with LOST!

I hate it when good shows are cancelled while so many bad shows continue to pollute the airwaves (just my opinion...)

I can only hope that things are resolved before the last episode airs.

Jamie Jamison said...

You'll like the BBC version much better. I started watching the ABC version and picked up the BBC version on Region 2 DVD, it's a much tighter show and there is a chemistry between Philip Glenister, as Gene Hunt and John Simm as Sam Tyler that there wasn't in the US version between Harvey Keitel and Jason O'Mara. Michael Imperioli should get an Emmy award for best mustache though.