Wednesday, March 25, 2009

'Mysterious' assault

So I had to look up Michael Ian Black, the hilarious comic (and "I Love the 80s, etc" commentator) for something for work. And his Wikipedia entry says "his father died during neurological surgery following a mysterious assault."

OK, what? The word "mysterious" in there...what are they talking about? Like...he was just found assaulted one day in his home? As opposed to a pretty straightforward assault? Or was he assaulted by ghosts? I assume it means he was assaulted and the person was never caught, but that seems more of an "unsolved assault" than a "mysterious" one.

It is a horribly sad thing, and I don't mean to make fun...but there is nothing like "a mysterious assault" to make you want to dig up the microfiche from that day and figure out what went on.

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