Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A new MST3K short...kind of

I gave Cinematic Titanic some love last week, when they came to Seattle and Rob and I actually got our first non-family babysitter, the awesome Lisa, and went to the live show.

Now it's only fair I give some love to the other MST3K alumni group, RiffTrak. (Cinematic Titanic has Joel, Mary Jo, Trace, Frank and J. Elvis; Rifftrak has Mike, Kevin and Bill.)

The reason I haven't really gotten into RiffTrak is not that the commentary isn't hilarious, but that it's harder for me to watch more current, high-budget movies being riffed on. I don't know, maybe it's that I am already familiar with the movie, but for me, the riffing works best on little-known B-movies.

That's why I love that RiffTrak is now occasionally riffing on those wonderful short films that made up such a beloved part of MST3K. for 99 cents, you can buy their take on "Your Chance to Live: Technological Failures." Just watch the sample, it's like discovering a Lost MST3K short. Definitely worth the nine dimes and nine pennies. And if you love it, there have plenty of other shorts for sale.

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