Friday, April 17, 2009

College life in Sweet Valley

I haven't touched a Sweet Valley High book in years, but I love reading the Weblogs that make mocking them job one.

This review of book #118, "College Weekend," where the twins go off to visit Sweet Valley University (wow, the original name of that school floors me) just cracks me up.

Also, Liz is the biggest dweeb character who ever dweebed. To wit:

"You see, Liz sat in on an advanced journalism class and back-talked the famous journalist-turned-professor because the professor scoffed at her for being a pretentious, know-it-all douchebag. But of course, Liz’s paper turns out to be THE BEST in the class—she “vastly outperforms” all the AP students! Imagine that! So the professor publicly apologizes to her, announces that the essay will be published in a national magazine, and tells Liz that she won “a highly coveted internship” with the school’s nationally distributed newspaper and that that she’s so brilliant she should enroll in college early. Fucking hell."

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you are an evil evil person for showing me this site. Now how will I ever get anything done at work! Wait, Friday afternoon, I believe that it's mandatory to procrastinate while reading SVH recaps...