Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Murder during the piano lesson

This unsolved murder not that far from where we live freaks me out.

Donna O'Steen was killed in her home on an ordinary morning when she came back from dropping her 11-year-old daughter at her piano lesson. Random killer? Someone she knew, and let in the house? Some suspected the husband at first, but that's been dropped. O'Steen seemed like the most normal person, but nothing about her murder makes sense.

Excerpt: "There are so many contradictions and unanswered questions. She was bound, so why murder her, unless it was a hit? Why was the phone line cut if she were to be killed? Why was the phone line cut if it was only a burglary? If it was an interrupted burglary, why did he murder her instead of running? Doesn't bringing his own knife and tape suggest a premeditated killing? If it was a burglary, why wasn't more taken? Haynie's not sure what, if anything, was taken because the police haven't asked him to compare what they took from the house to what might be gone. He says, "There's not much missing." The murderer didn't take valuables that are easily grabbed and carried like O'Steen's pearls, an emerald ring on her finger, or an Omega watch lying in sight."

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