Thursday, April 16, 2009

Roasted Peanuts? Good grief!

Roasted Peanuts is a blog resurrecting classic "Peanuts" strips, with commentary. I like how seriously the Webmaster takes the strips, even going so far as to dissect them into various humor-delivery styles, such as the "turnabout" or "puncturing the premise." Because I've always kind of mentally done this kind of sorting, too, and it's fun to see someone else recognize it.

The minute I found this site, I had to email it to my three closest "Peanuts" fans friends. You know who you are!

(Found via Metafilter.)

Also, when I sent this link to my Gmail, an ad popped up asking me if I wanted to order jumbo Virginia salted peanuts. Heh. Now that's some good target marketing right there.

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