Monday, May 25, 2009 issues is a great site, but sometimes I wonder about their programmers.

I have an enormous wish list on Amazon. I keep things on there that I might buy for gifts, that I might check out of the library, that I might eventually link to on here, etc. It's multi-page.

But when I go through the wish list, and say I'm on the fifth page deleting stuff I no longer want, or checking out things I might buy, or downloading a sample chapter on Kindle, and then I try to go back to the wish list, it always, always, takes me back to the first page. Annoying! It's really RSI-inducing to be trying to delete things from the middle of the list and to keep having to jump a few pages ahead to where I was. Get a clue, Amazon!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is the one thing that drives me absolutely crazy about I swear if they fixed that ONE thing it would make me so much happier.

Maria Hayward said...

That drives me crazy, too. I started a "shopping list" on there to keep track of stuff I may want ot buy for myself or as a gift, since it shows as one long list on one page. But it still reloads to the top pf the page when you delete something.

Anonymous said...

I also wish you could search for things on your wish list. Say if you purchase a book someplace else from amazon, or if you get something as a gift and you want to remove it from your wish list. Amazon will tell you it's already on your wish list, but you can't go to the item and mark it as "purchased" easily.