Thursday, June 04, 2009


Time for us to make a Twin Cities trip. Three burger joints have opened there in recent weeks.

--Five Guys, which I visited in D.C. with Lisa, and so I can personally verify its awesomeness. And it has the presidential seal of approval, too.

--Smashburger, which I hope is nothing like the "smashburgers" served in the Microsoft cafeteria

--Burger Jones, which sounds pretty yummy


Nikki said...

Five Guys is made of win! I love that place!!! They've been here in CT for a couple of years now.

scurry said...

There is also a Five Guys in Portland, OR, which is a smidge closer to you.

Not to de-rail a trip to the Cities or anything.

Annie said...

Our president has excellent taste. I LOVE Five Guys. The burgers, the bacon cheese dogs...I think I'm going to have to go there for dinner. If you're going to eat something unhealthy, it might as well be delicious enough to make it worthwhile.

Christy said...

I'd suggest skipping 5 guys, and saving your pennies (or expense account) for smashburger. Both of those chains opened up in Colorado Springs recently, and while 5 guys was a more or less decent burger, the fries we got were overcooked. Smashburger has something they call Smash Fries which have olive oil, garlic, and herbs which are AWESOME. And their burgers are really good.