Thursday, September 24, 2009

A berry, berry odd Slurpee

The name of this new Slurpee flavor? Battleberry Yumberry Black Currant.

Now, the "Black Currant" is cool enough on its own, but two completely made up words with "berry" in them make it all the weirder.

Says The Impulsive Buy: "If I repeat over and over again the name of the latest Slurpee flavor, Battleberry Yumberry Black Currant, it feels like I’ve transported myself to Strawberryland, where freckled Strawberry Shortcake and her pet cat, Custard, reside. Because everyone in Strawberryland, except for The Peculiar Purple Pie Man, replaces EVERY reference to the word “very” with “berry.” Thankfully, repeating the name doesn’t actually teleport me to Strawberryland because getting stuck there and hearing the word “berry” all of the time would get berry fucking annoying, berry fucking fast."
How come my 7-Elevens never have these cool flavors? They always have just "Coke," "cherry," and some sour flavor that only a 7-year-old boy can drink. Which, yes, I realize is more the correct audience for Slurpees than I am, but that's beyond the point.


Anonymous said...

We have the "coke" or "blue" option at our favorite slurpee place. I don't even know what flavor the "blue" is! We just call it "blue"... and I think we'd call "yumberry" "red" because the name is just too bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Gael! This post cracked me up! Berry funny! Thanks!

Ann (Miss Sweetstory) said...

They are obviously buying the black currant flavoring from the UK, as it seems that EVERYTHING here comes in that flavor!