Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rocket grilllllll...burning up its fuse up here alone

I rarely watch the home-shopping channels, but when I do happen to land on one, it always brings up fond and happy memories of my best friend Lisa's mom, who died a year ago of breast cancer.

She was a QVC- and HSN-watching champ, and I remember once being blown away that Lisa and I returned to her apartment in DC and her mom had sent her some cool pan for cooking chicken. She hadn't told Lisa it was coming, Lisa hadn't asked for it...her mom just saw it on the channel and thought it would be useful for her daughter, and it was. I miss her.

I happened to see HSN hawking this thing, called a Rocket Grill, today, and was kind of fascinated. You cook things in it in little parchment bags (that have to be purchased separately, of course...although I wonder if you can just make your own with parchment paper?). I figured it was a scam, but a lot of people on Amazon give it positive reviews.

I'm unlikely to buy it, but I'm kind of fascinated by such gadgets.

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