Sunday, October 25, 2009

Balloon Boy and motives

Frank Rich, this is crap.

Excerpt: "Many of those (Balloon Boy) viewers were driven by the same bloodlust that spawns rubberneckers at every highway accident: the hope of witnessing the graphic remains of a crash, not a soft landing."

Our whole newsroom was riveted to this, and I would swear that not one person was secretly hoping to see a bloody death. As parents, and as people, we were hoping to see him land safely, because we could imagine our own children, or children we know and love, getting into some horrible situation, and how scared we would be.

We were scared for a kid we didn't know, and wishing the best for his family, and that's a good, human, emotion, and Frank Rich's version makes me think he distrusts every person and every emotion he comes into contact with.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Gael. Even though I only heard of this after the kid was found in his house... I never imagined a terrible crash. Weird.