Thursday, October 08, 2009


10 chocolate cereals, from Candy Addict.
I am a Cocoa Pebbles junkie, but the rest of them, especially SMORZ and the Oreo cereal, sound too chocolately even for me.

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Blast from the Past said...

Well - maybe I'm "all growed up", but anymore, the only cereal I eat is Honey-Nut Cherios. And that, only usually as an evening snack. I just think that if I'm gonna have me some chocolate, it's gotta be in the form of candy, donuts, cake, brownies, etc.

That being said, I did used to love Apple Jacks as a kid. I bought a box awhile back, choked down one bowlful and threw the rest away. So - although I used to love Coca Puffs, my choclate cereal pick, I probably won't be buying any anytime soon... I want to preserve the good memories.