Monday, October 26, 2009

Creepy games

Matt at X-E has found some super creepy games in his time.

The Nightmare on Elm Street game lets you kill people with their worst fears.

And this totally bizarre yet kind of cool spider game from 1988, Spider Wars!

Says Matt: "Since a single game of Spider Wars could conceivably last for seven hundred years otherwise, there’s a second way to win. You can skip past your opponent’s spiders and simply get one of your own spider’s legs into the opposing player’s “nest,” which is represented by a peg hole on the other side of the board. This speeds the game up manifold, but it’s pretty cheap to win just by getting to the other side of the board. True Spider Wars enthusiasts would never stoop so low, so for the sake of brevity, it’s a good thing there are no true Spider Wars enthusiasts."

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