Thursday, October 15, 2009

Domo arigato!

How cute is this? LJC posted pictures of 7-Eleven's new Domo promotion.

That is seriously the world's cutest coffee cup.

7-Eleven always reminds me of one night in Tokyo, when we were trying to find the YWCA, and asked for directions at a small store. There was a bit of a language barrier, but they kept telling us to look for "Seven Company." We roamed and roamed the strange dark Japanese streets but couldn't find any "Seven Company."

Turns out they meant 7-Eleven, which is called 7 and i Holdings there (because...I seriously have no idea, but they don't have Slurpees or Big Gulps because the Japanese didn't take to them).
Anyway, I suddenly had sympathy for all those teams on "Amazing Race" that I'd previously
sneered at for being too stupid to interpret a clue.
Because had I been watching us on TV, and then the camera cut to 7-Eleven, then back to the hapless team walking right by it, as you know the camera would have, I'd have snorted and thought how stupid they were not to think "Seven Company" equals "7-Eleven."
But when it's really you on unfamiliar streets in a strange country ... sometimes the obvious is not so obvious.

I got off-track there, didn't I? Here's 7-Eleven's press release about Domo-nation.

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