Saturday, October 10, 2009

Go nuts

Kevin Murphy, one of my favorite MST3Kers who's now producing the wonderful Rifftrax, has a blog entry in which he muses on what Midwestern folks call crullers (long, bar-like donuts) and Eastern folks call crullers (rounded, curvy things we call French donuts.

The French donut both looks and sounds better.


Sarah G. said...

My parents (both from Cincinnati and in their mid-60s) call those "Virginia Reels."

Anonymous said...

No New Englander would call that...thing...a cruller. A cruller is made from cake-doughnut batter (not yeast raised) and it's oblong and twisted. I'd like to know who these "Eastern folk" are?

Toby O'B said...

Yeah, I'm from Connecticut and those French crullers are all air. You have the long, heavy cruller that needs a big glass of milk to go with it and you know you've had a cruller!