Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy birthday to the world's best two-year-old

When I asked Kelly how old she was going to be on her birthday, she always told me, without fail: "Um, six."

Happy birthday, angel.


Nilliem said... youngest is 9 today. She decided to be 10 days late, just to intrude on my birthday (Saturday)....But I wouldn't change a thing!

Happy Birthday!!

Laurie said...

Awwww - look how cute she is!! Can't believe she's two already! Happy B'day Kelly!!

Anonymous said...

She's a cutie -- looks like you. Did Mom cut her bangs?

Sylko said...

That's a great picture! Happy Birthday!

Kristi said...

Happy birthday, Kelly!

Time with kids just flies by, doesn't it?

Blast from the Past said...

Love the pic, Gael. My "baby" is 20 now, but we still love looking back over all the pics we took of her growing up. It's great when they are little and have no qualms about being photographed all the time!

Enjoy your Mommy time with Kelly! she looks like she's a fun little one!

NYCGirl said...

Aw. Hope she had a good one. (But, really, how can you have a bad birthday when you're two? :))