Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The horror movie rolls on

I was at the first-ever regular-season Twins game at the Metrodome in 1982 (it wasn't quite ready for primetime--the bathrooms flooded the aisles--but somewhere I have a button that says "I OPENED THE METRODOME"). And believe you me, I was there in spirit last night when those scrappy players in that wacky stadium pulled out another one.

My pal Tom Snee shared this article on Facebook, and it is awesome. Once I was on a company volleyball team and we played on the Dome turf, and its weird bounciness has never been exaggerated. It is like being on the moon or something. But it's our moon.

Excerpt: "Of course, now the Twins will move into a new stadium, a beautiful new place where the grass will be green, and the food will be varied and the atmosphere will be alive and, yes, Opening Day may feel like the freezer car in Goodfellas.

Well, you always have to endure something to get something else. It's an exciting new time. But the future isn't here yet.

First, they have to close the Dome down. And the truth is, the Dome doesn't want to close down. The Dome is like HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey -- it just ain't ready to get disconnected. And so the Twins played fierce baseball the last three weeks of the season, and forced the playoff. If the Twins win on Tuesday, they will force the Yankees to come back in one more time. If they somehow win that series ...

Well, let's not get ahead of the time. Horror movies end, too. For now, for today at least, the creepy music plays and the Metrodome still has that killer's gleam in the eye. It never was a thing of beauty. But it sure is damn hard to beat the Twins there on a day like today."

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