Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mad about "Mad Men"

This intensely serious Atlantic article dissects "Mad Men" and finds some flaws. (Via Metafilter.)

Some are interesting, if debatable. The article claims that while littering was not uncommon in the 1960s, "nice" people like the Drapers wouldn't have driven away from a picnic leaving their trash behind. Well, my mom wouldn't have let us do that, in the 1960s or any decade, I suspect.

And at least one is just a factual goof: Betty Draper is supposedly a sorority sister from Bryn Mawr, which the article says does not have sororities. Whoops!

I do love the show, and think January Jones is the most stunning actress on TV today. Grace Kelly II.

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Sylko said...

Even Laura Ingalls wrote about cleaning up their trash after eating on the trail.