Friday, November 06, 2009

Dancing Dawn and her dancing friends!

Remember Dawn dolls? Here's a five-minute film, apparently prepared for sales people, showing what was new in Dawn's world for 1971.

Fancy Feet! Dancing Dawn and her dancing friends! And to absolutely no one's shock, Dawn wins the beauty pageant!


Anonymous said...

Whoo, take me back! We had the beauty pageant.

PSR said...

Whoo, indeed. We liked the Dawn dolls because they were the right size to play with our Breyer model horses.

Anonymous said...

I still have Dawn and many of her friends, including Fancy Feet AND I've got the double Dance Party... I am a Dawn Geek! I use Dawn & her friends to make Dawnaramas... love those tiny little clothes. Remember the little pearl "button" with the elastic loop that made up the closure on so many outfits? And those bitty shoes? Awesome. There were a few outfit sets that came with necklaces ... to put the necklaces on, you had to pull Dawn's head off. My mom got so sick of reattaching Dawn's head that the necklaces mysteriously "disappeared". Imagine my shock to see that Dawn reappeared in the toy shops a few years back! Someone bought the rights to the toy. Unfortunately, the line failed. The timing was right for a non-Barbie alternative. Unfortunately for Dawn, her re-release coincided with Bratz. End of Story.