Monday, December 28, 2009

Burger time

So our neighborhood, Ballard, seems to have become the hamburger mecca for all of Seattle. We have more weird little burger joints than any other neighborhood I know of here, either in the city or the burbs.

We visited The Counter, the new burger chain in our neighborhood, after we picked up Dan from the airport last weekend. It was OK. What I like is that they give each person a piece of paper and you choose your toppings from there. So you can peruse the list easily and it's unlikely that the waiter will screw it up. The burger itself was only OK, but I loved the sweet-potato fries.

I'd still pick Lunchbox Labs over The Counter, even though it's a bit of a zoo to order there.

This article from the Seattle Stranger alt weekly compares and contrasts the two burger places, neither of which are good for your waistline.

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Deborah said...

Have you done "A burger place" in the Udist? Its a door or two down from the post office, low key, really affordable really good. They also do "pick your toppings" on a sheet of paper thing.