Thursday, December 31, 2009

Choose your own Sweet Valley High adventure!

Choose your own Sweet Valley High adventure! Oh, this made me laugh.

Excerpt: " It’s the day of the party. However, Christopher finds out about the party, since he’s been stalking you. He shows up to break the news to your boyfriend, and probably to physically harm you for not choosing to be with him. When he arrives, he sees your identical twin sister and thinks it’s you. He starts talking to her and trying to win her over.

Should your twin sister:

(G) avoid this psycho, reveal herself to be your twin, alert some security at the party…or get the fuck away from this guy, or

(H) pretend to be you and agree to take a walk in the deserted woods with Christopher, so he won’t ruin your chances of being queen of the country club dance.

Well you chose…(H). Way to go…I guess?"

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